The Landscapes Language Project

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The object of The Landscapes Language Project is to serve as a classroom to discuss language, translation and in this instance poetry. The mission of this language blog is to build bridges between souls, nations, cultures and religions through translations and study. Having translated the poetry of ‘Landscapes of the Soul’s’ manuscript into several different languages, we are entrusted with the task of finding two editors for each language to ensure we capture the essence of the original English version. This is a chance for native speakers of several languages to get noticed in the area of translation and editing. We are looking for editors for the following languages: French Arabic Russian Urdu Gujarati Spanish Chinese Japanese Malay Indonesian German 11 official South African languages To earn a chance of becoming a recognized book editor for your native language, edit a copy of the poetry book, Landscapes of the Soul. Here’s what to do 1.Go to 2.Purchase a copy of the eBook on Kindle 3.If you don’t have a kindle reader, download a kindle app on your device. You need to have a debit or credit card to join or ask friends to buy it for you. 4.The English version of the e-book will be sent to your device. 5. After reading it, write a review of the book on the Amazon website. 6.Now send an email titled Editor and the language of your choice, posting a copy of your review in the main body of the email and attach your short cv to: 7.This invitation,  open to people of all persuasions does not discriminate on the basis of nationality, race, culture, religion, sex, disability or economic standing. 8. State clearly on this blog a)why you want to edit the book, b)what it means to you, c)why you think your version should be accepted and d)why people should buy it. 9.You will receive a full copy or a portion of the translated version by return email in your native language. 10.Edit the poetry from the translated version. Make sure the words, phrases or sentences that you edited are clearly highlighted before you send it. Pay particular attention to aesthetics, rhythm and rhyme to capture the essence of the English version. 11.Unless there were obvious mistakes that you corrected, motivate the reasons why you made the changes that you did. Your opinions and rationale is crucial to the learning process for everyone involved in this project. 12. Email the edited manuscript and your notes on why specific changes were made and as well as a photograph of yourself to: 13.If your version is accepted, your name will appear in or on the book connected to this language project. If the book sells enough copies in the version you have edited, you earn R3150 or half of that if your translation is shared with someone else’s. The cost is calculated at R75 per poem. 14.If your version is not accepted, your CV will be entered into our human resources category on this blog, to be accessed by talent scouts in the publishing sector looking for someone with your talents and expertise. Enjoy the exposure and Good Luck! Kind Regards Fayrooz Bint Asad