The Castle as a haven for the homeless in Cape Town

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the following letter will be sent to the Mayor should we receive enough endorsements for the idea :Open letter to the mayor

Faymiz Media
PO Box 45816
10 November 2014

Dear Madame Mayor,

Within the context of the burgeoning problems with the homeless:

Although Colonialism was historically the driving force that fashioned
the country into what it is today, it has also been blamed for many
social ills and may make some strides to redress the issue.

Should a part of the castle be used as a haven for the ever growing
number of homeless people, many of whom are forced to sleep rough in
the city, every homeless person should be able to say:”I live in a

And there could simply be no better status symbol for any city than to
be able to make such a claim. The symbolism of such a gesture would
speak volumes for the issue of redress against poverty versus the most
authentic icon of our Colonialist past viz. the castle.

Our streets would be safer with street people in the care of an
organised institution like it. Consider that while slaves lived there
before or were imprisoned in its dungeons, today it could serve the
purpose as a facility for the homeless and could potentially employ
those people to keep the castle and the city clean.

If there are dungeons which can be converted to living quarters, it
would be better if it was utilised, rather than keeping the entire
building as a tourist attraction.

Should we see such a wish come to fruition, it will always be
remembered that during your tenure, the very poorest of the poor were
given the highest honour to live in the castle for the sake of their
dignity and the safety of the city.

We will have lived up to our reputation of ensuring the dignity of our
most vulnerable citizens- the homeless – many of whom try to turn over
a new leaf despite their past.

Your Sincerely
Fayrooz Bint Asad Johnson
Cell: 0797227092